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Better technology means a better customer experience.

P&S has always prioritized investing in best-in-class technology to streamline its operations. P&S information systems support all parties in a concurrent set-up, enabling us to maintain a single centralized platform that manages the majority of company functions. In addition, we have complete customer-tracking integration, which allows each customer to see where their shipment is, and view load delivery status, all online.

TMS – Transportation Management System

P&S was among the first users of McLeod software. Our experience with this tool allows us to use its full power to keep costs low and pass savings on to our customers.

Load planning and lane optimization mean that our trucks are used efficiently.

Accounting and internal reporting features reduce the need for paper documents and clerical personnel.

Connected Fleet

This system provides direct communication between drivers and operations personnel via smart tablets and onboard computers that upload data to P&S’s client-server.

Tracking units monitor truck location, allowing operations personnel to match customer orders with equipment availability in real-time.

Mobile Apps

Use your smartphone to reach dispatch, check your settlement information, have access to key personnel, shop locations, and much more! 

Visit the Mobile Apps page for more information.