DriveCam – Triggering Events



Hard Braking

Your DriveCam thresholds are specifically tailored to the size vehicle you are driving.  A hard braking instance will trigger your DriveCam to record the event.  There is a motion sensor inside the camera that detects rapid deceleration.  Generally speaking, this triggering event is usually due to following too closely or late response.

Hard Acceleration

Hard Acceleration is very similar to hard braking, in that the motion sensor detects rapid movement.  If you have to “gun it” then you are usually better to wait for a better opportunity.  Impulse decisions behind the wheel are never encouraged.


Taking a turn at a high rate of speed is never a good decision.  The weight of your freight can cause rollovers, but more likely, you have not taken adequate time to evaluate conditions on either side of your trailer.  Look twice, act once.


Your DriveCam will detect most collisions your truck has, if the contact is hard enough to trigger the device.  In fact, it detects pot holes as well, and is specific enough to know the difference in motion between a pot hole and an actual collision.  It may start to record a pot hole event, and then self-abort the recording.  Again, the motion sensor inside the DriveCam is spectacularly advanced.

Manual Recordings

You can reach up and press either blue button at any time to record any event you are witnessing.  It will still save the previous 8 seconds and following 4 seconds.  There have been recordings saved by drivers who are witnessing accidents ahead of them in the event they are unintentionally involved.  Again, recordings provide definitive proof of what happened.

We welcome your comments about triggering events, and the measures you take as a professional driver to avoid setting off your DriveCam.